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What does The Debt Resolution Service do to help my situation?

First and foremost, we will take the time to understand your personal situation. Nobody’s finances are identical and everybody prioritizes their household expenditures in their own way, so it’s important for us to understand your personal circumstances before looking at anything else. It’s not just about calculations on a page, it’s about how every part of your life is being influenced by your financial situation.

In some cases we might be able to find a ‘self-help’ solution for you, such as changing your routine or reducing unnecessary expenditures – a simple commitment to tightening the belt here and better money management there. If this is something we can help you identify to address your financial difficulties, that would be a fantastic result. But even if a ‘self-help’ solution is not the answer, we can still help further.

We can provide you with information on all of your available debt resolution options. All information regarding your debt resolution options is generally available free of charge from government sources such as which is a website provided by the Money and Pension Service. As such, The Debt Resolution Service do not charge you any fee for providing you with information about your debt resolution options. If you like, you can take this information with you and consider it in your own time. You will not be pressured to make a decision on the spot. The most important thing is that you consider all information fully and you are happy with the decisions you make to address your financial difficulties.

If after considering your options you wish to engage our services and instruct us to Act on your behalf to propose and enter into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), our in-house Insolvency Practitioner (IP) Jason Bowen, will Act as your Nominee to help you prepare and negotiate your IVA Proposal with your creditors and, if the IVA is accepted by your creditors, he will also Act as Supervisor of the IVA.

For completeness, all IVAs incur fees and costs. But unlike some companies, we do not ask you to pay any fees or costs of the IVA upfront or in advance. We will only receive payment for providing these Services once the IVA is approved by your creditors and any fees will be paid from the payments you make into the IVA. So, if your IVA proposal is not accepted by your creditors, you pay no fees whatsoever. Furthermore, the IVA fees and the basis upon which they can be taken must be approved by you and your creditors when the IVA starts. So you will always have full disclosure and knowledge of any fees which The Debt Resolution Service may receive throughout the IVA process.

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